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Sunday, September 14, 2014


In the summer of 1974, a group of neighbors met in a basement apartment to form a store that would provide them with whole and natural foods, in bulk, that would also save them money.  That summer gathering was the founding of what is now known as The Wedge Co-op.

In 1979 The Wedge moved over to Lyndale Avenue, and in 1997 its current store was built at that location.  The Wedge, which was the first organic certified grocery store in Minneapolis, takes its name from the pie-shape of the neighborhood in which it’s located.  This “wedge” neighborhood is definitely the heartbeat of the Uptown area, and the co-op rose to the challenge of meeting the grocery needs of the community.  

In honor of their 40th Anniversary, the Wedge hosted a block party last week, to celebrate its neighbors and customers.  Hundreds of people circulated through the many booths, sampling products and learning about the benefits of whole, natural and organic foods.  Local farmers also brought in animals to talk about the benefits of organic meats and eggs, and there was even a sheep shearing demonstrations in the afternoon.

Throughout the day, local bands and musicians provided a wide array of music to entertain the crowd, while food trucks served delicious food and beverages.  The Wedge Co-op is an integral of the Uptown neighborhood, and their 40th Anniversary celebration was the perfect way for them to say “Thank you” to everyone for their support over the years.

***Do you like to shop at Co-ops?  Please tell me why or why not.

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  1. I have loved the Wedge for many years, and am a member/owner.
    Currently, with a rebranding that is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars (including the taking away of most of our annual rebate to help fund this fiasco!!!), I am disenchanted with this store. Were it not the nearest co-op, just 3 blocks from where I live, I would leave and begin a membership elsewhere. Please keep this post up to remind of us the way the Wedge once was. Check out the gruesome gray exterior paint project, now underway. Quick, someone with a good photographic talent take some pictures of the beautiful, warm-toned west wall - all natural brick, the only one left unpainted. There is a brilliant juxtaposition of the old and new in the south parking lot. The mural hasn't been painted over yet, but most of the wall surrounding it has been grayed out. Truly, this a tragedy being committed in the name of progress? And there is more yet to come. The board has deemed to take out a loan to help pay for interior remodeling. Can't wait . . . No, I can wait! I wish they would stop this runaway train, gather some courage, and admit this just isn't going well; we have made a mistake; mea culpa.