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Monday, June 30, 2014


A few weeks ago I posted an article on Lake Calhoun and how our warmer temperatures were bringing a resurgence of summer activity on it.  Since then, we have received a number of consecutive days of rain – often in torrential downpours.  This accumulation of rain, plus the snow form our winter, has officially made 2014 the wettest spring in Minnesota recorded history.

While it’s always good to have adequate moisture to ensure proper growing seasons for plants and crops, there is a downside to too much of a good thing.  For us that downside is flooding.  Minnesota is experiencing quite a bit of flooding now, but for me personally, this is experienced at Lake Calhoun.

What a difference a couple of weeks can make.  The photos above were taken just two weeks apart.  The nice thing is that a few warm dry weeks will help the waters to recede; but unfortunately for us, we have several more days a rain in the forecast.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I’ve always loved suede shoes and have several pairs in the more traditional colors – tan bucks, white bucks, and tan/brown suede saddles – but I also have a love for color.  When I’m able to blend those two my excitement knows no bounds.

From left to right; red Felix from Calvin Klein, orange Brockton from Bass, 
and yellow Felix from Calvin Klein.

From the left; green Boat Oxford Wingtip from Sperry, blue Brockton from Bass, 
and purple 1901 Wingman from Nordstroms.

Summer, June, and rainbows just seem to go together, and give me the opportunity to wear many of my more colorful suede shoes.  Here are a few from my collection.

As you can see, I mange to stay within the more traditional styles, yet give them a bright summer look.  When thinking of summer shoes, never be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to color. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


One of my favorite Shakespeare plays is Twelfth Night.  I love the humorous, twisted plot that eventually concludes with a happy ending.  When done well, this play will keep me laughing from beginning to end.   This past weekend I attended a performance of Twelfth Night by Theatre Pro Rata as part of their Shakespeare In The Park series, and it was definitely done well!

The audience started assembling early.

Soon the players took the stage!

Orsino pines for Olivia.

"Take away the Fool!"

Olivia meets "Cesario" and is quite smitten.

A plan is hatched!

Theatre Pro Rata is a small professional theater company that is based out of Minneapolis, and this was my first opportunity to attend one of their performances.  I have to say I was very impressed and will definitely be attending more.  Their use of the open performance space was brilliant; not just with the main space but also in how they used the surrounding area. Framing the performance "stage" were subtle peripheral tableau scenes that added to, while not distracting from, the main action.

Viola falls in love with Orsino.

The bait is taken . . .

. . . and the prey is caught!

Now enters Sebastian.

All is revealed . . .

 . . . and the happy ending . . .

. . . brings much rejoicing . . .

. . . and celebration!

The performance of Twelfth Night that Theatre Pro Rata provided was excellent, and was the perfect way to spend a summer evening.

A Minneapolis icon!

Sebastian Joe's salted carmel ice cream is my favorite!

After spend time with Sebastian and Viola, I topped off the already delightful summer evening with visit to Sebastian Joe's for some delicious homemade ice cream!

Friday, June 20, 2014


This weekend is the official beginning of summer.

Great expectations and espressos of summer!

Here in Minnesota our weather has gone back-and-forth between beautiful sunshine and torrential rains.  There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.  With all of the snow from our winter, and now these ongoing rainstorms, this is now officially the wettest year on record here.

Summer tea! My mother's dessert plate, my grandmother's teacup, 
and my great-aunt's bud vase.

Even with all of the rains, we have had some beautiful warm days that help us to appreciate this lush and wonderful time of year, which gives us high hopes for the summer fun that awaits us.  The relaxing feel of these warm days, allows us to sit back and ease our way into the beautiful summer ahead.


Monday, June 16, 2014


Our summer has been late in coming this year in Minneapolis, but it seems to have finally arrived.  With the wonderful warm weather we’ve had since Memorial Day weekend, Lake Calhoun has once again come alive with activity.

Canadian tourists.

A great view of the downtown.

Now that we are midway through June, it’s nice to once again see boats sailing on the lake, people taking advantage of the beaches, bicyclists, joggers and walkers expoloring it's paths, and Tin Fish restaurant active with business.

There is always a line for the great food at Tin Fish.

Families of all sorts enjoy the lake in the summer.

I just live few blocks from Lake Calhoun so am able to spend quite a bit of time there during the summer.  While it can be very active, it is also a peaceful respite in the heart of a busy city.  There is something about being near the water that refreshes my soul.