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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Over the years, I've become fairly well known for my holiday tables among my friends. While I love setting the table, using heirloom pieces from family and friends, I think my favorite part is the tablescapes that decorate the center.

These turkeys, a gift from my friends Steve and Todd many years ago, are made of stones and semi-precious stones and grace my Thanksgiving table every year.

This year I resurrected a tablescape I did several years ago with some slight tweeking to make it fresh.  It includes my Great-Grandmother's salt and pepper shakers and toothpick holder, my Mom's china, and semi-precious stone turkeys that were a gift from my friends Steve and Todd. 

My Great-Grandmother's salt and pepper shakers
with matching Toothpick holder.

The holidays are just beginning, and with Thanksgiving behind us, I already know what I will be doing with my Christmas Table.

***What things did you do to decorate for Thanksgiving?

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Today I want to take a saunter back in time to September 21, and the HOMME fashion show. Presented by Lexus, HOMME, part of Fashion Week MN, was hosted by Modest Brewery, in the fashionable North Loop area of Minneapolis.

The gents from Big Watt Coffee were handing caffeine.
Let me just say how much I love this coffee.

Last year was my first year to attend this event, and I absolutely loved it. I couldn't wait to attend this year's show, and it didn't disappoint. Also Modest Brewery was a great space to host this event. 

Three extraordinary, and beautiful, women.

There was no shortage of dapper men.

I love how so many event venues nowadays have a more industrial feel, but what made Modest so much better, was its combination of working brewery meets stylish bar meets runway vibe - a win/win scenario.

Another dapper fellow.

Post show "Thank You" from Connie Mroteck.

The lovely Sarah Edwards.

Produced by Connie Mrotek and Sarah Edwards, HOMME was once again a wonderful experience.  Mrotek and Edwards have a fresh, bold vision, and aren't afraid to push boundaries at times. Their sense of style is spot on, and if the past two years are any indication, we have some AMAZING things to look forward to in the future.

***Please share about the local fashion scene in your area.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


One of my favorite November outings in the Twin Cities is the Northern Grade event. This year's Minneapolis gathering was one of twenty-seven events held throughout the country and Moscow.

Founded in 2010, a visit to Northern Grade's website tells us that they are "a roving marketplace that features and highlights diverse brands that manufacture their goods in the USA."  As online shopping expands, and social media gives more and more insight into trends, designers, and even specific brands, we increasingly discover how impersonal the shopping experience can be.

Northern Grade provides an opportunity for local, small businesses and manufactures to showcase their products in person, while also supporting, and presenting, items that are made in America. 

I added the great bow tie from Mill City Fineries to my collection.

The event is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity, as each venue brings it own unique style to the experience.  What I like best though about the Northern Grade events, is that they zero in on my love for buying from, and supporting, local small businesses. 

***Is there a Northern Grade event held in your area?