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Monday, September 8, 2014


Yesterday I talked about trinity experiences, and how they bring us to a place of gratitude and awareness.  Because of this, over the years I have learned to pay attention when I encounter things happening in "threes" as there always seems to be something that I'm supposed to notice.

Last Friday when I woke up I was struck by how dark it still was outside.  It was the first day when the darker mornings, and thus the shortening days, were really apparent to me.  Later that morning as I was waiting for my bus to go to work, I felt the cool crispness in the air, and was wondering, for the first time, if I should have worn a sweater.  Finally when I arrived at work, I noticed that the bushes outside of our building were just starting to change colors.

While the trees are just starting to change now, I'm reminded that in a 
few short weeks they all be resplendent with color! (Photo from our archive)

The darker mornings, cooler temperatures, and changing foliage, are the beginning signs that fall is indeed just around the corner.  While part of me wants to lament that summer is coming to a close, I have to admit that I'm excited for the early fall days.  I love this time of year when the air gets crisp and cool, and we start to layer on light sweaters and jackets in rich, vibrant hues that mimic the colors around us in nature.

Yes, I know that we still have plenty of warm summer days ahead, but trinity mornings like last Friday, remind me that fall is on its way, and truthfully, I must say I'm looking forward to it.

***What are your favorite signs that fall is coming?

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