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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, AKA Jim's Apple Farm, is a family operated business located near Jordan, MN.  The family has done business in that area since the 1930's, and the apple farm has been at it's current location for the past 37 years. 

A Ferris Wheel of flavored popcorn.

It's bigger on the inside.

While the orchards and produce fields support the retail space, the store is by far my favorite thing.  I love the wide variety of items they sell.  Living up to its name, you are able to purchase almost every candy item you can imagine. I especially love that they carry the old-school-candies from my childhood, and so many fond memories come back to me as I browse their aisles.  In addition to candy, they also carry a wide selection of chips and snacks, gift items, and soda (they offer over 100 brands of root beer alone).

Candy by the yard.

They sell over 100 brands of root beer.

There is truly something for everyone at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, and for some of us, it's a nostalgic walk through our childhood.

***What is your favorite childhood candy?


August brings a host of summer festivals and events to the Twin Cities, and one of my favorites is the Irish Fair Of Minnesota. This three day festival is filled with Celtic music, dance, song, demonstrations, and of course, shopping.

Irish Fair Of Minneasota's log from their Facebook page.

The Welsh cookies are wonderful.

The Irish Fair is held on Harriet Island, just across  the river from downtown St. Paul.

The Cathedral of St. Paul stands guard over the festivities.

Lovely music in the Tea Garden.

The main stage hosted bands and music ensembles throughout the weekend.

Than bands drew large crowds.

Each year Irish Fair introduces us to a number of Irish dog breeds.

One of my favorite parts of Irish Fair is the drum and bagpipe troupe.

The 2016 Irish Fair Of Minnesota was once again a huge success.

***What are some of your favorite summer festivals?

Thursday, August 18, 2016


August is the beginning of harvest time on farms in the Midwest, and while today everything is so technologically programed, my romantic side longs for a simpler time. While looking through a box of old family photos, I came across several harvest time photos from years gone by.

I love this photo of my maternal uncles when they were boys.

These are from a time when farm life was less complicated and neighbors would help each other bring in the crops. Today, as I hurry through my hectic weeks, part of me dreams of a time when life moved at a slower, and calmer pace.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


This beautiful mandala appeared on the floor in the atrium of an office building in downtown Minneapolis.  What a peaceful chance encounter.


As you know, I have been on the search this year for several specific colored chinos. The problem for me is finding chinos with the right fit that are in the colors I'm looking for (I admit that I'm very picky about the shades I want and will keep searching until I find them). I'm pleased to say that I've found two pairs red chinos that met all of those qualifications.

The first pair on the right, are from Brooks Brothers and are the exact shade of bright red that I wanted. It took me a while to find them as many chino's I found were either too pink, or too dark. A little while back though, while visiting the Brooks Brothers Outlet store, I found these. They were the perfect color, and fit well too. And just to make the find even better, they were also on sale. I bought them immediately.

The second pair, on the left, are from Tommy Hilfiger. I found these while browsing on my lunch hour one day. I like the Tommy Hilfiger chinos, because they fit well on me, and as a result I own several pairs in fun colors ( I also have the Brooks Brother's chinos in several colors). These particular chinos are in a more muted shade of red - almost a cross between salmon and Nantucket red. The bonus again was that I found them on sale as well.

My quest for red chinos has come to an end, and I'm happy to say that I have found two pairs that are just what I was looking for. I know that summer is winding down and I'll soon need to pull out my fall wardrobe, but I'm glad that I found these in time to wear them before they need to swapped out for corduroy.

***Where are your favorite red chinos from?


Once August first arrives, I can't help but be aware that summer is quickly coming to an end. In August, each weekend here, hosts a number of events that signal the steady move towards fall, and slowly acknowledge the changing season.

Hats for all occasions.

On the first weekend in August we celebrate the Uptown Art Fair.  It is one of three art fairs that take place over the course of a week, as the large crowds search for one-of-a-kind finds.

My friend Jen working on a painting.

Nothing says Minneapolis like . . .

. . . Valet bike parking!

The weather most years is very hot and humid, but this year it was much more bearable, as the crowd wound its was through more than six blocks of artist's booths, plus a number of artists inside Calhoun Square Mall, located at the heart of the festival.

I ran into my friend Larry, looking dapper as always.

The obligatory cheese curds.

With the arrival of August first, and the Uptown Art Fair, I acknowledge that summer is starting to wind down, and that I need to start planning for fall. It's the beginning of many festivals and fairs that lead us all the way to October, with its crisp air, and beautiful foliage. While I want to hold on to summer, August reminds me of what's to come.

***What events remind you that fall is on its way?