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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I love being able to promote local start-up companies in my area, and love it even more when I know the people behind them.  That’s why I’m excited to introduce everyone to Girard Blvd. which was founded by my friend Larry Calhoun in 2011, and is now starting to take off as a business. 

I love the crystals on this pair of art deco cuff links.

Larry has always been an avid collector of cufflinks, but it wasn’t until 2000, that he began to toy with idea of custom-made cufflinks.  While traveling abroad that year in Chile and Argentina, he was intrigued by how beautiful and unique their coins were.  He began to think about how wonderful they would look as cufflinks, and how they would be a great way to fulfill his dream of building his collection from sixty pairs of cufflinks to one hundred.  For the remainder of the trip he made sure that he gathered several duplicate coins in various denominations.

The coin cuff links are their best sellers.

Over the next decade the idea of custom-made cufflinks kept resurfacing every so often, and he found himself continuing to save coins, and searching for a jeweler who would make them.  The task was proving to be cost prohibitive for him at the time, so he began researching how he might create these cufflinks himself.  Thus Girard Blvd. was born.

Old cigar boxes make the best display cases and boxes for gift sets.

Horses  . . . 

. . . and people make cameo appearances on their cuff links.

Some very "charmed cuff links.

In addition to coins he has collected himself (he decided to keep the cufflinks he made with the original coins he collected abroad), he has now found a supplier which has allowed him to broaden his product range, which now also includes stones, semi-precious gemstones, antique buttons, as well as many other items.  His coin cufflinks, however, still remain his best sellers, and I am fortunate to have been gifted with a pair that I really love.

A bit of whimsy!

I love these great "Steam Punk" cuff links with Crystal accents.

For now you can find Larry’s Girard Blvd. cufflinks at his Etsy Shop, but a full website is currently in the works.  I highly recommend that you stock up on a few pairs now while the company is young, because it certainly has a big future ahead of it!

This is my pair of cuff links from Girard Blvd.

 ***Do you have a favorite pair of cuff links?  Leave me a message and         tell me about them.

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