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Thursday, November 12, 2015



One of things I’ve come to look forward to each fall is Brooks Brothers 1818 Magazine. 1818 is Brooks Brothers’ yearly lifestyle magazine, and I have been very impressed with its quality. The magazine is published each fall and this is their third issue.

Each issue centers around a theme, and this year found, actors, writers, and others sharing their Brooks Brothers stories. It’s no secret that Brooks Brothers is one of my favorite stores, so I loved reading these stories from others who share my love.

In addition to the stories, there is an article celebrating Brook Brothers 100th anniversary at their 346 Madison Ave location. A century at a single location is quite a benchmark, but given that Brooks Brothers is almost 200 years old, it’s just one more element of their lengthy legacy.

Finally, a large section of this year’s 1818 Magazine is dedicated to featuring Brooks Brothers new fall lines, which are spectacular. It’s wonderful to know, that while some of the items they offer may be a bit trendy, there are still plenty of more traditional items to choose from.
It’s this selection that ensures that Brooks Brothers will be part of my story for years to come.
***What’s your Brooks Brothers story?

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