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Thursday, November 19, 2015


After a sunny and warm weekend, our temperatures have turned decidedly cooler, accompanied by lots of rain. I wasn't too upset by the rain, as I'm always excited when we reach the middle of November in Minneapolis without any measurable snow. It's not unusual for us to several inches (or even feet) of snow by now, but thankfully that isn't the case so far this year. However, we did experience light snow flurries today, but fortunately, nothing that stuck around on the ground.

Todays snow flurries did remind us that winter is inching ever closer, and soon we will be experiencing some real snowfalls. Knowing this, I'm grateful that I've added few new sweaters to my wardrobe this year. This great sweater is from Tommy Hilfiger, and is in a wonderful shade of green that is perfect for the winter months ahead. The sweater is 100% cotton which means it's ideal for layering, which I love to do in winter. I'm also loving this shade of green, as it reminds me of the many colors of evergreen trees that dot our yards and fields. There is nothing more beautiful than patches of green against the cool white snow.

As I brace myself for the cold winter months ahead, I'm happy to be adding more sweaters to wardrobe, and this great sweater from Tommy Hilfiger is one of my favorites.

***What are your favorite colors for winter sweaters?

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