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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I mentioned before how much I love mustard yellow for fall. It's such warm and bright color that totally matches the beauty in nature all around us. With that in mind, I've never added socks to my wardrobe in shades of mustard yellow, but when I came across these two pairs this year, I could't resist.

The first a first is a dressy pair of socks from Brooks Brothers. The mustard yellow background sets off the red and navy stripes, giving them contemporary, yet classic look. They are perfect for the office, or night out with friends.

The second pair is from Pendleton. These have a bit more of a casual feel, yet I'm daring enough to try them at work as well. The large, bold red and navy stripes are the perfect accent on the mustard yellow, and lends a bit of a southwest feel to these great socks.

Whether you're dressing up for the office, or joining friends for a night on the town, these great socks from Brooks Brothers and Pendleton are the perfect touch for all of your autumn outfits.

***What are some of your favorite autumn colors?

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