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Saturday, November 7, 2015


One of the best things about fall is wearing sweaters. From lightweight cotton early on to the heavier wools as winter approaches, we definitely get to wear a wide variety of sweaters in the fall. I love sweaters and most days you'll find me wearing them for work, so I have a number of dressier sweaters that are perfect for that, but it's equally important to have sweaters that can be worn for the casual, everyday things as well.

Several weeks ago I added this great navy cotton sweater from  L L. Bean to my collection, and it is fast becoming my "go to" casual sweater. It's a heavier weight cotton that is ideal as our Minnesota temperatures begin to drop, and yet is comfortable enough to just lounge around the house in. Plus it's the perfect shade of navy.  

When it comes to casual fall sweaters you really can't beat this navy cotton sweater from L. L. Bean.

***Tell me about your favorite casual and everyday sweaters.

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