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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


One of the nice things about living in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, is its large number of food venues, including a variety of pizza offerings. Of all of the pizza restaurants in Uptown, without a doubt, my favorite is Galactic Pizza

Some of the retired superhero costumes.

Galactic is like no other pizza place you've ever been too, in that it strives to be as green as possible. Perhaps the most noticeable item is the small electric cars that are used to deliver your pizza to your door (when they first opened they used bicycles as well). In addition to the electric cars, there are number of other things they do to follow through on their commitment to helping to create a more sustainable community - locally, nationally, and globally. A more extensive list of these practices may be found here in their Vision Statement. Oh and did I mention that their deliver drivers show up at our door dress as superheros?  How fun is that?

Behold The Mexicali Pizza!

I want share a quick story that happened several years ago while they were still using bicycles to deliver the pizza.  One day, the delivery driver was cutting through the parking lot of a local grocery store, just as a would be thief had snatched customer's purse. The delivery driver, in full costume, chased the thief on his bicycle, tackled him to the ground, and held him until the police arrived. Not only was the thief caught, but he was caught by a superhero.

Giant whisk light fixtures.

"Planet saving pizza!"

Of all of the pizza restaurants in Uptown, Galactic definitely is my favorite. Not only do I love supporting their earth friendly policies, I love their pizza as well. If you like spicy, I highly recommend The Mexicali Pizza, it's my personal favorite!

***What are the fun pizza restaurants in your area?

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