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Monday, November 2, 2015


I mentioned that several of these posts are late, since I ran into computer problems last week, so please bear with me as I get caught up.

My friend Michael hosted a pumpkin carving party last week so everyone could create a "masterpiece" to display outside their home. Some were quite elaborately carved while others, like mine, were more simple and traditional.

Serious pumpkin carvers at work.

Some of the carvers, including Chucky!

There was large spread of food and snacks for us to enjoy, and "Chucky" movies and "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" played in the background as we carved. Fortunately no one was injured with the diabolical influence of these films.

My friend Cliff really got into the scary costume look.

The final eerie display.

The pumpkin carving party was a great time, and a fun way for friends to come together to celebrate the Halloween season.

My pumpkin was a bit more "traditional" and simple.

***Do you enjoy carving pumpkins for Halloween.

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