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Monday, November 16, 2015


(Please continue to bear with me as I'm still playing catch up on posts. I've been having problems with my internet at home for the past couple of weeks, but hopefully everything will be fixed this week.)

October is National Seafood Month, so what better time to introduce my friends Cynthia and Robert to Smack Shack Seafood Restaurant. I first ate at Smack Shack back in September and fell instantly in love with it. Their food is delicious, but I must confess that I have gotten the same dishes both times I've been there. Each time I've started with oysters (I had oysters for the first time when I dined there in September, and I discovered I really like them), followed by soup, and then my main entree, an amazing lobster roll with fries. 

The delicious clam chowder.

I had heard so many good things about their clam chowder, and was disappointed that they were out of it when I was there the first time (That time I ordered the lobster bisque, but wasn't a big fan of it) . This time I was able to get the clam chowder and it was delicious. I will definitely be having it again.

Cynthia and Robert experiencing Smack Shack for the first time.

Their lobster rolls are amazing.

This was Cynthia and Robert's first time at Smack Shack, and they really enjoyed their meal, making the evening a big success all around. Smack Shack has certainly moved up high on my list of favorite restaurants in Minneapolis. 

***Where do you like to eat seafood?

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