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Sunday, November 29, 2015


One of the things that I associate most with fall is going pumpkin picking. For me, this activity is second only to apple picking, and often the two are done at the same time. 

Each fall, friends and I go apple and pumpkin picking, and while the apples get made into salads, soups, breads and pies, I use the pumpkins mostly for decorations. I do enjoy making pumpkin pies and breads, but haven't been brave enough to make them from a fresh pumpkin yet.

This year, we went apple and pumpkin picking at Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard. In addition to apples and pumpkins, they also have a Barnyard where children can see various farm animals and get pony rides. Following our time at the orchard, we closed out our day by visiting the Candy Store. Located just down the road from the orchard, it is probably the largest, and best, candy store I've ever seen. It alone was worth trip as they carry all of the "old-school" candy I remember from when I was growing.

As we finish out the Thanksgiving weekend, it only seems right that I should end by featuring pumpkins. Pumpkins are an annual sign of fall and a reminder that December, and winter, will soon be here.

***Did you go pumpkin picking this year?

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