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Monday, September 28, 2015


As I travel through these final days of September, it’s clear that we are definitely well into fall. With the change of months comes a change of temperature, which means that I will be breaking out my fall wardrobe more frequently now

One thing I like to do as I transition my wardrobe from one season to another, is to retain some element of the previous season. While that may seem difficult to do as our weather becomes increasingly colder, I think I’ve found a great way to meet that challenge.

These socks are better suited . . .

. . . For the summer holidays.

I have a love for all things nautical, and soon, I will once again be wearing socks more regularly, so nautical themed socks seem to be the perfect carry-over from summer. A quick trip to J. Crew provided three great pairs of nautical socks. Although one pair can pretty much only be worn in summer, the other two will definitely transition into fall.

The first pair boasts navy and red anchors on a cream colored background, which are better suited for the summer holidays rather than fall excursions.  In fact they, along with my Kate Spade phone case and Brooks Brothers picnic tie, were part of my Labor Day wardrobe (yes I had to work for a few hours on Labor Day).

The final two pairs of J. Crew socks consist of white anchors on a navy background (that also matches my J. Crew phone case), and navy sailboats on a gray background. These two pairs of socks will be perfect as I head into fall.

Finally, as an extra bonus, I stopped by our local Sperry store and picked up another pair of anchor socks. This one displays navy anchors on a gray background, and with this final purchase, I have completed my nautical footwear collection – at least for now.

Sailboats are always fun.

These socks from Sperry completed my nautical footwear collection for this year.

When it comes to transitioning my wardrobe to the fall season, there is nothing like a few wonderful pairs of nautical socks to help me retain a bit of summer fun. What better way to set a course for fall?

***What are some of your tricks to transition your wardrobe        
     from season to season?

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