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Sunday, September 20, 2015


When most people think of Fashion Week, thoughts of New York City, or the great fashion centers of Europe come to mind, but here in Minnesota we don’t have to travel nearly that far to experience fashion at it’s finest.

The cheese from Lone Grazer Creamery was amazing!

Fashion Week MN begins this week in Minneapolis, and has an amazing line up of events. The Twin Cities are blessed with an incredible fashion scene that showcases a growing amount of local talent. The organization behind these shows has change over the years. Originally, they were sponsored by MN Fashion, who announced in January of 2014 that they would no longer produce the fashion week extravaganza. Although they did bounce back for a bit, they finally officially called it quits in September of 2014. Now with new producers at the wheel, and a new name, Fashion Week MN, Minneapolis is once again showcasing the best of its talent, and this promises to be a week not to be missed.

Last week my friend Nicholas and I attended a kick-off party for this week's events. The party was held at Food Building in Northeast Minneapolis, which was a wonderful learning experience in and of itself. I hadn’t heard of Food Building and so I was anxious to learn about it.  One of the tenants in the building is The Lone Grazer Creamery a cheese maker, who makes gourmet cheeses from milk that comes from local grass fed cows. The cheese is amazing, and extremely flavorful.

Other tenants include Red Table Meat Co. who butcher and cure their meats onsite.  Red Table sources its pork from local farms, and is careful to track the pigs from farrow and feed to humane slaughter. Be sure to check out both The Lone Grazer Creamery and Red Table Meat Co websites for more information on their delicious products.

Swag from the evening.

The pre-fashion week party at Food Building was an amazing and fun evening, and I’m looking forward to the festivities of the week ahead. If you haven't gotten them already, there’s still time to get your tickets for Fashion Week MN and join in the fun. See you there!

*** Which are your favorite Fashion Week shows?

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