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Saturday, September 19, 2015


Next Wednesday is officially the first day of fall, and even though I'm trying to hang on to summer for a little while longer, I will soon have to accept the fact that summer is over and move forward into fall. Actually, while I enjoy all of the seasons, I really have to admit that I love fall.  I love the cool crispness in the air, and the opportunity to layer on sweaters again, but I think what I enjoy the most are the amazing, rich colors of the season.

Knowing that fall is fast approaching, I've been updating, and adding to, my fall wardrobe. One of the things I need to increase, are the number of fall colored bow ties in my collection. Pictured here are a few of the fall bow ties I've added so far from Brooks Brothers, The Bow Tie Shoppe, and Mill City Fineries (be watching for future posts on these ties). Some were chosen to help me transition into the early days of fall, while others will keep me looking sharp all throughout the season. 

Amazing fall ties from Brooks Brothers, The Bow Tie Shoppe, and Mill City Fineries.

A few months ago, anticipating the change of season ahead, I began choosing the right bow tie additions to my fall wardrobe. I'm sure that I will still purchase a few more, but these are a great start to this updating process. While most people are familiar with Brooks Brothers, not as many people may be familiar with The Bow Tie Shop and Mill City Fineries. 

The Bow Tie shoppe and Mill City Fineries are both local Minneapolis businesses, whose products are gaining attention nationally. These companies are two of my favorite sources for bow ties, and I have several from each. I love the the bow ties they produce, but more importantly, I love knowing that I am shopping locally, and supporting the local small business community.

When it comes to Bow Ties, I'm pretty loyal to Brooks Brothers, The Bow Tie Shoppe, and Mill City Fineries. While I do add in a few bow ties from other sources, these three companies are my "go-to" source for some pretty amazing products. Check out their websites, and start upgrading your own bow tie collection today.  You'll feel amazing!

***Who is your "go-to" source for great fall bow ties?

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