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Friday, September 4, 2015


Labor Day weekend is generally held to be the last official weekend of summer. Of course, if the weather in your area is anything like ours in Minnesota, the hot, humid summer temperatures continue throughout September, and sometimes into early October, so bending (breaking) the summer clothing "rules" is totally understandable.

Regardless of how long after the holiday weekend you wear your summer things, the one thing we can all agree on is that Labor Day weekend is a time for celebrations and picnics. With that in mind, my holiday weekend Bow Tie Friday pick is Brooks Brothers Gingham and Ants Reversible Bow Tie

I don't normally like to feature companies two weeks in a row, but this was too good to pass up. I fell in love with this great tie the first moment I saw it, and picked it up immediately.  For me this tie represents what picnics are all about.  On one side is a lovely red and white gingham check, mirroring the traditional picnic tablecloth, while the other, reminds us of those uninvited guests who often like to show up.  

This fun pairing from Brooks Brothers makes this the perfect tie to wear to any of your summer celebrations, or whenever you're in a picnic kind of mood.  Right now the Gingham and Ants Reversible Bow Tie is on sale through Labor Day, so head over to Brooks Brothers' website and grab it before it's gone.

***How are you celebrating the Labor Day weekend?

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