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Thursday, September 24, 2015


As we make the slow transition from Summer to fall, through these warm and rainy days, I am finding myself longing to hang on to as many bright colors as I can. Don't get me wrong, I love the warm rich hues of fall, but appreciate them more in October and November. With that in mind, the Fresh Cut Gingham Bow Tie from Mill City Fineries, is the perfect tie to help me ease into the new season.

This bow tie features a lovely, muted, aqua blue gingham, on a cream colored background. The cream is the perfect transition shade to fall, while the aqua, being more muted rather than bright, helps us carry a bit of the summer fun with us through that transition,  In fact, it reminds me of waves slowly beating against a warm summer beach, which helps me retain some of this season as I move into the next.

While the Fresh Cut Gingham Bow Tie from Mill City Fineries, is the perfect tie to bridge the transition from summer to fall, I have to admit that I will most likely find ways to sneak it in during the winter months as well. This great bow tie will sell out, so be sure to get your's now while it's available.

***What colors help you to transition seasons?

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