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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


My friend Connie visits me from Iowa a couple of times a year, usually around one holiday or another, and when she visits over the Labor Day weekend it often coincides with her birthday. This year she arrived on the actual date of her birthday, so it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate in style.

The evening began with dinner at World Street Kitchen. Over the last two years, WSK has fast become a favorite spot for me to eat. It’s casual, low-key atmosphere, belies the amazing food they serve, and the menu, referred to as Global Street Food, is truly delicious. Like Smack Shack, which I mentioned yesterday, WSK also began as a food truck, and is now enjoying great success as a restaurant. It was the perfect start to the evening.

The Jungle Theater debuted its new sign.

Following dinner, we traveled a few blocks away to The Jungle Theater for a play. Annapurnna opened over the weekend and we were treated to a preview performance, and while I wasn’t familiar with the show at all, I really enjoyed it. What I’ve always liked about the Jungle, is that almost every show I’ve seen there has been so incredibly good. So much so that I don’t worry at all about going to see a show that I’ve never heard of.  I especially like that the Jungle is willing to take risks with the shows they present, rather than just sticking with a repertoire of "safe" theater. If you have an opportunity to see Annapurna, by all means do. I think you’ll find it most enjoyable.

After the play, the evening was starting to wind down, and so were we. To bring the evening to a close, we went to Burch Steak, for dessert and coffee. Burch is a steakhouse located in Uptown, and while I'm told their dinners are excellent, I must admit that I’ve only been there for dessert – several times. The ambiance of the restaurant, along with the wonderful dessert choices, makes Burch the perfect place to end an evening, and I highly recommend their desserts as a “night-cap.”

The amazing desserts we had to choose from.

Connie’s birthday celebration was spread out over the course of an entire evening, but didn’t end there. Two days later our friends, Cynthia and Robert invited us over for dinner (homemade pizza) followed by one Robert’s spectacular homemade cheesecakes, made to Connie’s order – lemon cheesecake with raspberries. All of these events, helped to make Connie's birthday a truly memorable experience.

Connie's birthday celebration continued two days later with a 
homemade lemon cheesecake, with raspberries. The number 
on the cake was just a BIT short of her birthday.

***What special ways have you celebrated friend’s birthdays?

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