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Sunday, August 30, 2015


K. Cooper Ray, of Social Primer, is retiring from the apparel business, at least for now.  I have to admit that I am feeling a little sad at this news.  While I’ve not been overly excited about some of their tuxedo and blazer collections, I have absolutely loved their bow ties.

I was first introduced to Social Primer through their collaboration with Brooks Brothers, and all of my Social Primer bow ties have come from that partnering.  What I’ve always loved about these bow ties is that they have always found a way to be both innovative and classic at the same time, while maintaining a high standard of quality.

As is often the case, competition can sometimes destroy a good thing.  Social Primer has always insisted that their products be made in America which, of course, adds to the production cost, and simply can’t compete with lesser quality, cheaper made, products manufactured overseas.  In the end, the finer product bows out, and we all lose.

K. Cooper Ray, has prefaced his farewell with the words “For now,” which gives us all hope that he will one day return with more of his amazing ties, but for now we must say “Goodbye” to this great company, and that makes me sad.  Farewell Social Primer.  You will be missed.

***Do you own any clothing from Social Primer?

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