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Thursday, August 27, 2015


The forecast for today is for rain. Even though our temperatures have been cooler and fall-like, we are still in summer, and with that, comes the summer rains which necessitate the use of an umbrella. With that in mind, my pick this week for Bow Tie Friday easily fills that need.

My choice is this beautiful umbrella with small flower print bow tie from Brooks Brothers.  I found this tie as I was looking online at the sale items on their website, and immediately ordered it.  The colorful umbrellas on the field of yellow are light and cheery, and are the perfect complement to the aqua blue background with tiny white flowers.  This bow tie is, quite simply, colorful and fun, and an excellent response to a dreary rainy day.

I am reminded, though, that fall is just around the corner, so I know the importance of wearing this tie before the weather changes too drastically. I’m also aware that our weather in Minnesota often stays warm and humid through September so we can sometimes bend the fall clothing “rules” a little bit.  Either way, I’m loving this great tie, and will be wearing it now while I can, and then will have it ready to go again once spring returns.

This amazing bow tie is currently on sale online at the Brook Brothers website, but will definitely sell out, so you will want to order yours right away so you don’t miss out on this great deal.

***Do you bend any of the summer/fall clothing rules?

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