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Thursday, August 20, 2015

After two weeks of very warm and very humid weather, this week things have cooled off quite a bit.  While the humidity is much lower and the temperatures have dropped, it is still only August, and I know that the warm humid weather will return.  Even though these pleasant temperatures won’t last for long right now, they do remind us of the beautiful fall days just ahead.

Several people at work have been wearing light weight sweaters and jackets already, which has me know anxiously awaiting the arrival of fall.  I love fall!  I love being able to layer on sweaters and jackets, swapping out shorts for cords, and enjoying the crisp cool air as the trees progressively change from green to shades of red, orange and yellow.  But most of all I love the sweaters.

Since spring, I have been taking advantage of the “change of season sales” as I picked up a number of new sweaters.  Featured here are two beautiful cotton sweaters from Jos. A Bank, in shades of blue, and since I tend to wear a number of V-neck sweaters for work, these are welcomed additions to my wardrobe.  The first is a lovely muted teal that will easily transition into fall, while the other is a beautiful shade of royal blue that will fill my need for color in all seasons.

My late summer/fall sweater collection was sadly in need of an update, and these two sweaters from Jos. A Bank are perfect for this transition time of year.  I also managed to pick up a few other sweaters that I will be featuring in future posts, but for now I can’t wait for sweater weather to begin.

***Have you added any new sweaters to your collection this year?

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