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Friday, August 7, 2015


Summer and water just seem to go hand-in-hand, and on those warm sunny days we long to be at the lake, at the coast, or resting on a beach.  There is something relaxing and rejuvenating about water and our souls seems to yearn for it.  I suspect it’s this longing for water that creates our love for all things nautical.  This love of nautical manifests itself in the d├ęcor of our homes, the outdoor activities we participate in, and above all in the clothing we wear.

Recently, I added this great nautical bow tie from Brooks Brothers to my collection, and it's my Bow Tie Friday pick this week.  This reversible bow tie perfectly carries the nautical theme to a new level.   A navy blue background with red and white rope stripes adorns one side, while the other presents us with white anchors and narrow navy and white stripes on a light blue background.  The navy with red and white ropes stripes is classic nautical, while the light blue background with anchors gives the illusion of clear, pristine water.  The combination of these two sides creates winning bow tie that can't fail.

Whether you’re near water or not, this is the perfect bow tie for summer, with just the right nautical theme to quiet and refresh your soul.

***What are your favorite pieces of nautical clothing?

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