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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The 52nd Annual Uptown Art Fair took place earlier this month.  Each year, I look forward to the Art fair, which happens just a few blocks from where I live, but it also always makes me a little sad, as it reminds me that summer is rapidly coming to a close.

The Art Fair begins a series festivals and celebrations that follow each other, week after week, for about two months, carrying us well into fall.  They are sort of the last “hurrahs” before school starts and we begin to layer on sweaters and jackets, anticipating the snow that is sure to come.

The attendance at the Uptown Art Fair is nearly 400,000 people annually over the course of three days, making it the second largest attended event in Minnesota (the State Fair is still number one).  The quality of artwork offered at the fair is first rate, and some pieces approach museum quality.


Whether you’re browsing, buying, or just enjoying the day, the Uptown Art Fair has something for everyone.  This premier event happens the first full weekend of August (Friday through Sunday), and is not to be missed.

***Do you have outdoor art fairs where you live?

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