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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


My friend Renee Larson was commissioned to create an art piano for Calhoun Square, a small shopping mall near my home.  You've heard me mention Renee many times for the beautiful bow ties she creates for her business The Bow Tie Shoppe, and the art pianos she creates throughout the city are equally as beautiful.  The wonderful thing about these pianos, is that they are installed in random locations, and individuals are encouraged to play them, allowing people to interact with the art.

A work in Progress.

Vandals leave their mark.

Not long after she finished the Piano in Calhoun Square, it was vandalized with paint smudges and handprints.  What makes the vandalism sadder, is that these pianos are designed as a way to bring art, music, and ultimately joy to the general population, and now that outlet felt somewhat violated.

Music heals, and transcends all things.

However, music transcends all things - even vandalism.  Last week as I was walking through Calhoun Square, I heard someone playing the piano.  The music soared and echoed throughout the mall, bringing healing, and restoring sanctity one again to this beautiful piece of art.

***Are there art piano's in your area?

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