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Monday, December 1, 2014


Life has been extremely busy these past few weeks, and I haven’t always been able to publish articles and photos as timely as I would like, so I sometimes need to play catch-up. 

Two weeks ago Northern Grade made its fall stop here in Minneapolis, and let me begin by saying I love this event and what it stands for and promotes.  Northern Grade champions “Made In America” items, while at the same time providing a venue for small businesses and online businesses to connect with the public in person.  Depending on the size of the venue space, they host 20-40 retailers, in what is an incredible and unique Pop-Up shop.  Since I don’t have a car, I also appreciated that the venue site was easy to get to via mass transit (although I was fortunate enough to catch a ride with a friend). 

When it came to providing a top-notch event, Northern Grade definitely did it right!  A quick visit to their website shows some of next year’s planned cities, and I’m happy to see that Minneapolis has made the list again.  If you have a chance to check out a Northern Grade event in your city, I highly recommend doing so.

***Have you ever been to a Northern Grade event?

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