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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I have a holiday event to go to on December 20, and I wanted to get a new bow tie for the occasion, so I immediately contacted my friend Renee Larson, at The Bow Tie Shoppe, to help me out.  Renee and I were destined to meet as we have a couple of friends in common, and both love fashion, style, and of course, bow ties.
Renee Larson is one of my favorite Bow Tie Artists.

I first discovered Renee’s bow ties back in February when I visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  As I was perusing their gift shop, I stumbled on a display case with some amazing bow ties that I fell in love with!  I had no idea who had made them but knew I would be back to purchase.  At about same time, independently, my friend Ben told me that he wanted me to meet a friend of his who created bow ties.  To make a long story short, through a series of events, I realized they were the same person, and was finally able to meet Renee at pop-up event at the MIA.
After sorting through a few options . . .
. . . We have the winning combination.

Renee is definitely one of my favorite bow tie artists in the city, and I love that she makes one of a kind, custom pieces.  In addition to fabric swatches, she also repositions old neckties into reversible bow ties – each necktie provides enough fabric for one side of a bow tie – and the “green” part of me really appreciates that.  When we met to talk about the tie I was ordering, I was able to look through several neckties, and discuss what other fabrics she had on hand.  She even had some completed bow ties that I could look at.  Eventually I was able to choose the materials I wanted – one from a neck tie and the other from a fabric swatch. 
Renee also offers pocket squares, handbags, and her new line of Bowlets,
just in time for the Holidays.
It has been so much fun working with Renee to create this one of a kind bow tie for my holiday event next week, and I can’t wait to pick it up.  Be sure to check out her website, and ask her about her handbags, and her new line of Bowlets.  She has everything you’ll need to make the holidays amazing!

UPDATE:  The finished bow tie looks awesome! (Photo: Renee Larson)

***Do you have a favorite clothing artist?

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