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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


For a few years now I have attended the annual holiday curry dinner hosted by the World Mission Prayer League.  The dinner is held at their guesthouse in one of the old mansions by Loring Park, and is open to the neighborhood.  My friend Cliff lives in that area and invites me along.

Arriving at the Holiday Curry Dinner.

The welcoming committee.

There are a number of curry dishes to choose from, and depending on the year, they are amazing – some years are definitely better than others.  I think what I enjoy even more then the curry though, is how beautifully the house is decorated, and all of the wonderful people we meet there.  There is always a great turnout from the neighborhood.

I love this fireplace!

There were several curry dishes to choose from.

Desserts were a must have.

The members of the League are always very gracious and friendly, and the event is welcoming and inviting, and I love that the mix of people makes it very easy to find someone to talk to and interact with. 

What a pleasant surprise to run into my friend Patrick at the dinner.

The welcome light.

The World Mission Prayer League's Annual Holiday Curry Dinner is always a fun and enjoyable evening, and is definitely a nice addition to my Holiday activities.

The vintage bow tie my friend Michael gave me for my birthday, 
was the perfect accessory for the evening.

***Are there special holiday dinners that you attend each year?

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