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Thursday, January 22, 2015


During my post-holiday sales shopping adventure with my friend Connie, I managed to pick up two new sweater vests from Polo Ralph Lauren.  I love sweater vests and wear them often, so I’m always excited when I’m able to add new colors to my rotation.  I also love Ralph Lauren’s Polo line, and I’ve been wearing these clothes since college.  They are one of the brands that I am loyal to and frequent often.

I found these two cotton sweater vests while shopping at their outlet store in my area.  Those of  you who know me, know that I have a great love for bright colors, so these two may seem a bit subdued for what you would expect to see from me.  Fear not, while I still love vibrant colors, I also like very basic colors that are versatile and become foundational when putting together great outfits.

These sweaters in tan and ivory, are amazing neutrals that will highlight whatever they are paired with, making them perfect choices.  I especially like the colors in this palette for fall and winter.  Nothing to over the top, just basic and classic. 

Sweater vests are definitely one of my favorite clothing items for fall, winter, and spring, and these two vest from Polo Ralph Lauren are the perfect additions to my collection.

***Do you like to wear sweater vests as much as I do?







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