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Friday, January 23, 2015


Last summer I posted about the “Yarn Bombing” that is happening in Minneapolis.  This is the phenomenon where trees, street signs, and bus stops are randomly covered in knitted sleeves.  I first noticed them at Tower Park early last summer, and then started seeing them appearing throughout the city.

The majority that I’ve seen in Uptown have been on bus stop poles, but lately I’ve been seeing them more places.  Recently friends and I had lunch at Bluestem, and I was struck that the tress outside of the restaurant were covered with the brightly colored  knitted sleeves. 

While some may see this as a form of graffiti, or maybe even tagging, I find them very enjoyable.  They add a bit and color and whimsy to what can too often be an overly serious day, especially in winter.  I always smile when I seem them, and my mood instantly lightens up.  Kudos and many thanks to the people responsible for these.

***What sights brighten up your dreary winter days?

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