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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winters in Minnesota can be pretty cold, especially in January, and so it’s really important to make sure that you’re wearing warm clothes.  Nowhere is that more essential than on your feet, and to combat the frigid temperatures, I’m a big fan of the ragg wool socks from L.L. Bean.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been wearing Bean products most of my life, and these socks are simply the best I’ve found to keep my feet warm in the winter.  Made from itch-free Australian merino wool, with just a hint of nylon/elastic for durability, these socks can easily take on whatever cold weather Mother Nature throws at us.

They are soft and comfortable, and stand up beautifully to the constant use they receive during the winter months.  Each year I need to replace several pairs of these socks, so I was especially happy when L.L. Bean opened a store here in Minneapolis.  While I don’t mind shopping online at their website, I really do enjoy the convenience of having the store here – and let me just say that their customer service is amazing as well.

When it comes to keeping my feet warm during our Minnesota winters, my socks of choice are the ragg wool socks from L.L. Bean.  They are comfortable, reasonably priced, and have been keeping my feet warm and dry for over thirty years.  They are definitely one of my winter “go-to” items.

***Where do you buy your favorite winter socks?


  1. I bought some from LL Bean to wear with my boots and they are warm and comfy! The only thing is they are completely wool so when I walk on my hard wood floors with just the socks on, I get shocked by everything!

  2. Mine are 77% wool, 21% nylon, and 2% lycra, and so far I haven't gotten shocked. I suspect that how dry the air is might determine the static electricity, but I'm not sure.