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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Today would have been my Dad's Ninety-first birthday. 

I love this photo of him because it shows what a great dresser he was even as a youth.  I'm not certain, but I think this was his freshman year in high school, and already I can see the beginnings of his style showing through. 

Dad loved to dress up.  In fact I don't think that I had ever seen him leave the house for an event without wearing a tie, and most likely a jacket.  Even at this young age, he knew the importance of looking good, and this was a lesson he passed down to me.  Something as simple as shining my shoes or putting on a tie, made such a difference.  He knew that taking the extra effort to look good was a sign of respect to others, and needless to say, I've inherited that philosophy - and his love of ties.

As I remember my dad on his birthday, I am truly grateful for the lessons he taught me about dressing up, and for the role model he was in my life.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Cyril John White
(January 21, 1924 - March 27, 1986)

***Who were/are your style role models?

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