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Thursday, July 24, 2014


My friends will tell you that I start wearing shorts early in the spring and continue doing so on into fall.  They will also tell you about my love of color, and so likewise, my love of colored shorts.  

Over the years I’ve found that different brands fit (or don’t fit) differently, and it is sometimes difficult to find shorts that both fit well and are comfortable.  That problem was solved when I discovered the shorts from Izod.

Many of us are familiar with Izod because of their collaboration with Lacoste from the 1950’s into the early 1990’s, and a number of us sported their now famous polo shirts with the green crocodile.   Eventually, Cyrstal Brands, who owned the rights to the two lines, separated them to help boost its financially troubled company.  Lacoste was returned to its upscale reputation of the past, while Izod was designated as a mid-range product.  Lacoste retained its crocodile logo, and Izod now sported a patch logo.  This split wasn’t able to save the company and they eventually folded, selling off the brands.

Since the split, Izod has sort of received a bad reputation as a lesser quality product, but I’m not sure that’s quite fair.  As we’ve seen with so many of the long-standing icons of preppy clothing - Brooks Brothers, J. Press, LL Bean, Lands End, and others – the quality of many of their products has gone down considerably, so pointing fingers at Izod seems, well, pointless.

Like all companies nowadays, you have to sort through and find those articles of clothing that are well made. When it comes to Izod, for me that would be their shorts.  I have been very pleased with their quality, fit and wear, and I have several pairs in a variety of colors and wear them constantly.  They are one of the few brands that I can count on consistently to fit me well, and their prices are reasonable which is always a benefit.  In fact, now is the perfect time to buy them, as most stores have them on sale.

As with all clothing brands you have to pick and chose to find the better quality items, and for me, these shorts from Izod are a winning selection.

***Do you have a favorite brand of summer shorts?  Leave a 
     message below and tell me about them.

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