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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Last Wednesday evening I met a friend downtown for dinner.  Afterwards, as I was walking to my bus, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of our Minneapolis downtown.  The buildings were just lovely.  Honestly I’ve always been impressed by our skyline, and for a city our size it’s pretty amazing. 

While the skyline is pretty impressive by day, I think it’s in the evening that the buildings shine in all of their splendor.  My favorite time to see them is at dusk, when the sky is just turning dark and the lights of the buildings are just coming into crisp view.  That was the point of evening that I was walking after dinner, and my sentimental side was filled with wonder and awe at the beauty that was awakening before me.

While other, larger cities give me that same feeling at this time of day, there is something special about how this happens in Minneapolis.  It’s always so unexpected, and I’m always caught off guard by its beauty.  That moment when the combination of daylight, and city lights is just perfect, enveloping me with feelings warmth and serenity.

Even the buildings downtown smile at their beauty!

Knowing this moment exists, I find myself looking for it at times when I’m near the downtown, but I rarely find it.  It’s something that can’t be planned or calculated out.  It just has to happen organically, and when it does, that moment is truly spectacular!

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