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Thursday, July 10, 2014


I love unexpected get-togethers!  Yes, I love things that are planned, but there is something magical about those events that happen spontaneously.  

My friend Connie was visiting from Iowa for a week over the Fourth of July holiday and went home yesterday around noon.  I spent most of the afternoon downloading photos for my blog and working on some future posts - nothing too much out of the ordinary.  Suddenly, my friend Cynthia sent me message saying, “Do you want to do a spontaneous coffee?”  Of course, when I hear the word “coffee” I always say YES!

There are always several flavors of gelato to choose from.

We met at Jackson’s, which is one of my favorite coffee spots in Uptown.  I like them for several reasons.  First their coffee is very good, and second they have gelato!  I had never really had gelato until I moved to Minneapolis twelve years ago, but I must say I quickly became a fan.  I was fortunate in that there used to be a gelato shop two blocks from my home but it closed many years ago, and I never really gave gelato much more thought . . . until Jackson’s opened.

The perfect treat; coffee and gelato dripping with deliciousness!

Jackson’s has a great atmosphere and the staff is always friendly and fun.  It's also just a few blocks from my place so I can easily walk there when the weather is nice, but more importantly it has two of my favorite things - coffee and gelato.  

As I said, Jackson’s has become one of my favorite coffee spots, and so while enjoing that elixir of life with Cynthia, I also celebrated with some of their amazing gelato.

Leave me note below and let me know where your favorite spot to get gelato is!

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