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Friday, July 18, 2014


Lately I’ve been attracted to, and buying, striped bow ties.  There really isn’t any particular reason, it’s just what I’ve been doing, but that all changed when I saw this great bow tie from Bruno Piattelli.

I was walking past a store in the little shopping mall near where I live, when I happen to spot this tie on their mannequin.  I immediately went inside to check it out.  Normally I’m a little leery about buying lower end ties – I always worry about the quality and how long they will last, but this tie put my fears to rest.  Made from 100% silk it seems to be fairly well constructed, and looks to be as durable as my more expensive ties.  Plus I totally love the bright and vibrant colors of the plaid.

This tie reminds me not to let the price be the only criteria I use when purchasing a tie.  I have purchased some higher end ties that have not held up as well as I had hoped, and whose pattern I found matched fewer and fewer of my clothes as time went on.  This tie, however, is not only made well, its beautiful plaid colors are a basic pattern that will match many of my outfits for years to come.  

As we celebrate Bow Tie Friday, I’m happy to say that I totally love this new addition to my wardrobe.

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