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Thursday, October 22, 2015


The folks from The Bow Tie Club asked if they could send me one of their bow ties, and would I review it for them. I said I'd be happy to, and a few days later I received a package from them. Enclosed inside was the Pulsar, a radiating bow tie in shades of brown and gold that, when tied, gives the illusion of pulsating color.

Made of all silk, the color combination will work well with many of your fall outfits, and the quality of the tie is very good. I'll admit that this pattern wouldn't have been one that I would have chosen for myself, but now that I see it in person, I think it is a bow tie that is versatile enough to be worn throughout the entire fall season. Be sure to check out their website for the many other patterns they offer (I know there are few that I may need to think about getting). One thing for certain though, is that there is something there for everyone.

***What qualities do you look for in a bow tie?

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