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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


As the weather turns cooler in the fall, I really appreciate having a number of wonderful sweaters to layer on. I spent quite a bit of time updating my fall wardrobe this year, and one of the items I've added is this amazing orange merino wool sweater from Brooks Brothers.  

This sweater is from their Red Fleece line, and I must say that I really like several of the pieces in this collection. They maintain a more traditional look, while at the same time feature a few modern touches. The clothes are a bit slimmer without becoming tight (at least the items that I like) which is important to me. So many manufacturers today offer clothes that are so slimmed down and trendy, that they hardly resemble the original items that inspired them. I don't however feel that way about many of the pieces in the Red Fleece line.

I've been very pleased and happy with this orange merino wool sweater from Brooks Brothers' Red Fleece collection, so much so that I just ordered it in navy as well. I can't wait for it to arrive, and to feature it here. As always, with my love of tradition, I have to watch the "look" of the clothes I buy from any line, but I can tell you that this collection boasts several items that will find a home in my wardrobe.

***Have you checked out the Red Fleece line from Brooks Brothers?

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