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Friday, October 23, 2015


As I was updating my fall wardrobe, pants were high on the list. I love the great colors of fall, and so it's only natural that I like to have those colors reflected in my wardrobe. As I was shopping a month ago, I came across these great chinos from Tommy Hilfiger. I was immediately drawn to all of the great colors, but was more impressed by how well they fit. It's difficult for me to find chinos that I like and that fit well, so when I do, I tend to want them in as many colors as I can.

I picked up four pairs in navy, tan, olive and caramel, and couldn't be more pleased with them. I'm also hoping to get them in burgundy and gray, but there has been a slight problem with that. There is a manufacture's flaw which makes the button on some of the pants very difficult to button. The interesting thing is that this flaw is not universal, and with any two pairs, side-by-side, one might have the flaw while the other doesn't. It took a few attempts to find the olive pair without the button issue, but I did find them. That is the delay in finding the burgundy and gray chinos. Even though they have my size, the button doesn't fit the buttonhole smoothly. I'll keep looking and hopefully still find them.

All things considered, even though the button issue makes it more challenging to find them, these chinos are really great. They fit wonderfully, are very comfortable, and come in some amazing colors that are perfect for fall.

***What are you favorite fall colors for chinos?

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