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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I’ve shared several times here how much I love sweaters vests.  In fact I wear them almost all of the time, especially from fall to early spring.  It all began a couple of years ago when I purchased four supima cotton sweater vests from Brooks Brothers, in wonderful shades of orange, yellow, kelly green, and periwinkle.  I love color, and these vests were the perfect way to add color on even the dreariest of winter days.

A beautiful cotton vest from Brooks Brothers in a lovely shade of pastel blue.

Last January I was able to take advantage of the post-holidays sales and quickly added two new vests from Polo Ralph Lauren, to join a pink one that I purchased last year, along with a navy Tommy Hilfiger vest.  With the post-holiday purchase this year, my sweater vest collection had officially doubled.

The classic red vest from Jos. A Banks is a foundational piece for every wardrobe.

While shopping last week I found two more sweater vests on sale at the Twin Cities Premium Outlets mall near my home, and couldn’t resist buying them.  The first is a light blue cotton vest from Brooks Brothers, and its pastel shade is versatile enough to wear in every season, ensuring that I’ll get lots of use out of it.  The second it a beautiful red vest from Jos. A Banks that is classic, and its perfect shade of red is a staple color for every wardrobe.  It is festive enough to brighten the holidays, yet simple enough to be a foundational piece throughout the year.

These two new sweater vests are the perfect additions to my growing collection, adding variety and flexibility to all of my outfits.  If you aren’t already wearing sweater vests, I strongly encourage you to give it a try.  They are the perfect pieces to revitalize your wardrobe and give it a fresh new look.

***Where do you purchase your favorite sweater vests?


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