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Thursday, July 23, 2015


I did a little shopping this past week, so be watching for some great posts to come.  I went with my friends Steve and Todd to the Eagan outlet mall totally unaware that the stores were having amazing sales. 

I think the official name of the mall is Twin Cities Premium Outlets, but everyone just refers to it at the Eagan Outlet Mall.  Eagan is fairly close to where I live and the store selection is great.  At least they have many of my favorite stores.

I wasn’t expecting the amazing sales (I think the most I paid was 30% off), so they were a pleasant surprise.   This happened to me back in January when I went there, but I’m always surprised when my trips there happen to fall during just the right weeks. 

In addition to the outlet mall, I also made a stop at our regular Brooks Brothers store downtown and added a few new bow ties to my collection (also on sale).  Needless to say, between the two places, I was able to pick up some great items at even greater prices!  I really do love the midsummer change of season sales.

***Are you taking advantage of the change of season sales in your area?

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