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Thursday, July 30, 2015


It’s no secret that I love all things nautical.  From anchors and oars, to lobsters and crabs, if it is nautical themed in a classic way, chances are I will like it.  Having grown up on a farm in rural Iowa, I’m not sure where this love for seafaring things came from, but it’s definitely there.

I especially like wearing things that are nautically themed in a fun way, and one of the best ways I’ve found to do that is through the socks I wear.  Granted I tend to go sockless as often as I can in the summertime, but there are certain work days when that isn’t appropriate, so when I have to wear socks I like them to be fun.

While shopping last week I found three pairs of socks that combine both my love of nautical things and my love of fun socks, in the perfect way.  While stopping at G.H. Bass I found two great pairs of sea creature themed socks that I had to have.  The first is a pair of gray and navy socks with sharks that wish I would have had a few weeks ago for Shark Week.  The second pair, in a classic navy and red combination, boasted navy crabs on a red background. These two pairs of socks were the perfect additions to my collection.

The final pair of socks I found at Brooks Brothers.  They feature navy anchors on a yellow background (could you possibly be more classic than this definitive color pairing?).  This may sound silly, but I’m pretty particular about the shades of yellow I buy, and this was the perfect shade, plus the added bonus of navy in the anchors, just made them a must have item.

I really feel like I won the trifecta with these three pairs of socks.  They are fun, yet classic, and support my love of nautical things.  I may have been born on a farm in Iowa, but my heart turns towards the sea.

***Do you own any nautical themed socks?

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