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Thursday, July 9, 2015


Theater in the Round, in Minneapolis, is finishing out it’s 63rd season with comedic brilliance.  Woody Allen’s, Don’t Drink The Water, opened at the theater last weekend and is one of the most fun and entertaining shows I’ve seen in the Twin Cities this year.

Set in a U.S. Embassy in an unnamed communist country, the show is a comedic farce that, at times, crosses the border into slapstick (while the slapstick does get a bit long, it doesn't take away from quality of this production).  The comedic moments are often very physical, and kudos must be given to actor, Mark L. Mattison, for his portrayal of Axel Magee.  Mattison’s timing is spot on, his character is brilliantly nuanced, and his overall performance is nothing short of spectacular.  This young actor has a wonderful future ahead of him.

The production features a first-rate cast including Lauren Diesch, who plays Susan, Axel’s new love interest, and H. William Kirsch and Muriel J. Bonertz, who play Susan’s parents.  Charles Numrich is stellar as Krojack, the head of communist army, and James Degner's portrayal of Kilroy is amazing.  I think, throughout the show, Degner’s character experiences almost every possible physical and emotional trauma a person can, but this is handled with great comedic style.  Finally, Joel Raney's performance as lovable, magician-wannabe, Fr. Drobney, who narrates the production, was absolutely wonderful.

Theater in the Round is currently selling season tickets for next year's lineup, 
which begins in September.

I will admit that over the years, there have been a few shows at Theater in the Round that have left me a bit underwhelmed, but this is definite not one of them.  Don’t Drink The Water runs through July 26, and is a must see production, although tickets will go fast so be sure to order yours now.  I guarantee you will enjoy a truly fun and entertaining performance.

***Have you ever seen a production of Don’t Drink The Water?

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