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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This year’s Cocktails at the Castle series at the American Swedish Institute started off with a “bang.”  Well not literally, but the event was entitled “Dynamite Night.” 

Waiting for the festivities to begin.

Dynamite in the trees.

Dynamite and earplugs.

Selma watched as people wrote what an ideal world would look like . . .

. . . and hung them in the trees.

The physics of "Blinky Bling."

Fashion inspired by the Nobel Prizes.


Cocktails at the Castle began two years ago and is one of the most amazing series that the ASI offers.  The event, offered twice each summer, always has a central theme, and is always first rate.  This month’s sold-out crowd of 2200 people enjoyed an evening inspired by the Nobel Prizes, with areas of the campus dedicated to six prize categories – Medicine/Physiology, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Economics, and Peace.

I love all things fox related, so I'm always drawn to this painting.

The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals 
handed out Swedish Fish candy . . . 

. . . which were used to gamble in the Economics area.

Sebastian Bergstrom on the piano.

A little something to wear around the house.


I loved the fire juggler.

Food was once again provided by FIKA, the ASI’s restaurant, and was delicious (I had the Chorizo Dog with Honey Lime Aioli and Chicharones), but I think my favorite food area was the S’mores Smorgasbord.  There, guests could choose from chocolate chip, caramel. Mocha, or vanilla flavored homemade marshmallows, which were then added to your choice of chocolate square, and placed on graham crackers (or gluten free crackers if you preferred).  I chose to mix the mocha and caramel flavors, and the result was heavenly. 

The Chorizo Dog from FIKA.

I spent WAY too much time at the S'mores Smorgasbord.

The people kept coming.

Music happened in three areas of the museum.  The mansion’s veranda played host DJ Jake Rudh early in the evening, and later to my friend Dosh, who provided the perfect ending to this wonderful night.  DJ Jake Rudh also provided the closing music for dancing at FIKA which was a big hit,  In addition, guests were serenaded throughout the evening by Sebastian Bergstrom, who played piano pieces in the alcove by the music room.

The Literature area.

Selma by night.

Making the world a better place.

My friend Andrew having fun on the Swedish Horse ride.

2200 guests attended the evening.

The American Swedish Institute’s Cocktails at the Castle series is only in its third year, but has become one of the premier summer events.  The evenings are always creative and fun, and offer something for everyone.  If you haven’t attended a Cocktails at the Castle event, don’t worry, there is still one more evening scheduled for this year, so be watching on their website for more information.

***Have you attended a Cocktails at the Castle evening?


  1. Kate, these are always TONS of fun! You two should come to the next one. (I miss you guys)