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Friday, October 10, 2014


There’s a new – or should I say renewed – phenomenon that is taking the country by storm.   It can be found in all fifty states, and in many major cities.  That phenomenon is the Pop Up Shop.

Setting up for the event.

This bow tie will find its way into my collection.

Pop Up Shops actually have a long and rich history.  Major clothing vendors in the early decades of the last century, would send reps out to college towns to set up shop for a couple of days.  The Ivy Leaguers would make purchases and place orders, ensuring that they would always be current on the latest styles.  Over the years, Pop Up Shops sort of fell by the wayside, but now we are seeing a long overdue resurgence of them.

Everyone enjoyed the great coffee from Five Watt Coffee.

Some of the offerings from William Rogue & Co.

The crowd was packed around BlackBlue's booth.

Last Sunday, I attended a Pop Up Shop event hosted by Five Watt Coffee, here in Minneapolis.  In addition to Five Watt, the event included four other local vendors: BlackBlue, William Rogue & Co., Marked Minneapolis, and one of my favorites, Mill City Fineries.

Five Watt Coffee was the perfect venue for the event!

Beautiful leather goods . . .

. . . from Marked Minneapolis.

I must admit it was Mill City Fineries that drew me to the event.  They are one of my two favorite local bow tie manufacturers here in the Twin Cities, and so there was no way I would miss it.  Attendance at the event was HUGE, and it was nice to connect with many local bloggers and social media folks. 

Jason, from Big Watt Cold Bev. Co., was on hand 
to serve up an adult beverage.

There are a couple of bow ties here that will also be added to my collection.

These Pop Up Shops, along with the use of social media sites, are the perfect way for small businesses to get their products out to a wider market.  The vendors featured last Sunday, offered a wonderful selection of products, and I’ve picked out several “must have” items that I will be picking up in the next few months.   I encourage you to check out the Pop Up Shops in your area.

***Have you ever attended a Pop Up event?

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