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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Ok, I admit it.  I was not your usual teenager growing up in rural Iowa, and nowhere was this probably more evident than at school, and more particularly, during my lunchtime at school. 

I often didn’t eat lunch, and if I did, I would grab something quick from the ala carte line, eat it fast, and then spend the rest of my time in the library.  That’s right, the library.  I would spend hours randomly perusing the books until something grabbed my attention, and I loved the many things that I discovered and learned from this.  Although, these random books were pretty much the norm, there were certain books that I would return to time and again.  That was the case when I discovered Amy and Emily.

I still remember the day I stumble upon the etiquette section of my high school library.  There, in all of their glory, were older editions of books by Amy Vanderbilt and Emily Post.  I found myself checking these books out several times - often renewing and keeping them for extended periods of time.  I would flip through their pages and devour everything they had to offer.

My parents had done a remarkable job of teaching my siblings and me about good manners, but these books built on that foundation and took it to the next level.  While much of what was in those books is dated and outdated now as times have changed and evolved, the basics have stayed the same.

My parents had instilled in us an understanding that politeness, and good manners would carry us far in life, and influence how people view us.  Their teaching, and the solid foundation they provided, paved the way for these books to refine their lessons. 

Regardless of life situations, proper etiquette and good manners will most certainly carry you far.  When it comes to social settings, manners really do matter.

*** How important do you feel good manners are?

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