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Friday, October 3, 2014


As of last month I have officially lived in Minneapolis for thirteen years.  As I celebrated that anniversary my thoughts wandered back to the excitement I felt as I first discovered all of the wonders of my new home.  Early on, as I was out exploring the city, I discovered Paul Granlund’s sculpture, “Birth Of Freedom”, which sits outside of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Born in Minneapolis in 1925, Granlund’s creative career would span more that fifty years before his death in 2003.  During that time he created more that 650 pieces of art, and his work, most of which is figurative, is now found throughout the world.

I remember how awe inspiring that first moment was with “Birth Of Freedom”.  The sculpture seemed to me to capture that moment when freedom brings the promise of endless possibilities.  Maybe it was the new freedom I found exploring this beautiful city, which offered me that same promise of endless possibilities, or maybe it was just the spiritual presence of the piece itself.  Either way, it had a huge impact on me and has remained one of my favorite Minneapolis sculptures.

***What are some of your favorite outdoor sculptures.

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