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Friday, October 24, 2014


It’s the mid-1800’s, just before the Civil War, and we’ve just arrived up the river from St. Louis on The Gypsy steamboat.  We are the last boat that will arrive until next May, and we will be staying at Fort Snelling during that time.  On the evening of our arrival, we are being entertained by Colonel Snelling at his home, a two story house in the fort, when our evening is interrupted as the Colonel receives a note. The note informs the Colonel that Captain Griffin, the captain of The Gypsy, has been murdered.  Because of our familiarity with the Captain, we are all invited to help solve the murder.

The Adventure begins!

We met our small tour group . . .

. . . And headed towards the Colonel's house.

Colonel Snelling invites us to help solve the murder.

Residents of the fort provided information as we searched for clues.

Thus began a wonderful evening of sleuthery as we worked to solve the Murder Mystery at Historic Fort Snelling.  For the next hour or so, we were able to meet and interact with several residents of the fort as we investigated the crime, trying to solve it by the evening’s end.  (I’m pleased to say that I was the one in our group who correctly identified the murder.)

Finally, we were able to view the body.

"Who do you think committed the murder?"

The real history behind the characters and the murder is explained to us.

After solving the crime, we enjoyed warm cider around the fires. . . 

 . . . While listening to music.

Finally is was time to say good night to the fort.

No trip to Historic Fort Snelling is complete without visiting Whiskey's grave.

CSI: Fort Snelling is still going on tonight and tomorrow night, so if your looking for a fun October event, I highly suggest that you check it out. It was great way to spend an evening with friends, and was definitely a lot of fun.

The obligatory "selfie" at the fort.

***Have you ever been to a Murder Mystery event?

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