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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Apparently there is a whole new phenomenon happening in Minneapolis this summer.  It combines creativity, the arts ,and social statements all in one. That phenomenon is "yarn bombing".

I first noticed this earlier in the summer when I was at the Witches Hat Water Tower.  I didn’t think much of it, but since then I’ve been seeing it up and down Hennepin Avenue here in Uptown, and have discovered there are webpages, Facebook pages, Twitter hashtags and Instagram accounts, all designed for posting "yarn bomb" photos.

While these knittings show up all over town, I've especially noticed them at transit stops.

I don’t know anything much about this other than that someone, known as “Drop Stich,” refers to this as Knitteapolis and invites us to “Join the revolution!”  There is a card attached to each of the “bombings” that gives us an email to contact.  

This reminds me of the Hot Tea "string bombings" that happened a few years back.  At that time the words “Hot Tea” would show up, woven into railings, fences, and structures of all kinds.  That sort of died out a year or so ago, and so I can't help but wonder if this is just its newest incarnation.

Part of me wants to email them to learn the story behind the "yarn bombs", while part of me just wants to speculate and enjoy the frivolity that it provides to our long summer days.  Regardless of what this about, it does add some enjoyable color and fun to several of the Minneapolis neighborhoods.

***Have any of you seen these “yarn bombs” or do you have 
     anything similar happening where you live?

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